Natural Facial Care Routine

I have seen some dramatic changes in the health and condition of my face since I began this twice daily, 3-step routine. Every morning and evening I clean my face using the oil cleansing method, use apple cider vinegar toner, and jojoba oil moisturizer.

I use Coconut Oil for oil cleansing.

I mix my apple cider vinegar as a 3-1 solution with water (3 parts water, 1 part vinegar) because my skin is sensitive. Toner recipe is here.

To moisturize I mix 8 drops geranium essential oil, 4 drops lavender essential oil, and 4 drops tea tree essential oil into 4 oz jojoba oil. It only takes a SMALL amount of this mix to moisturize the face.



  1. I tried washing my face with olive oil and crushed almonds for a couple months…It got messy and didn’t seem to be making a difference, so I quit. Now I’m using this organic face wash with tea tree oil in it, and then these Burt’s bees spot treatments and brighteners. I can’t tell if they are making a difference at all.
    Would you mind if I ask you what exactly toner is, or how exactly you have noticed differences?

    1. I had never used toner before this, but I really like it. Its job is to exfoliate the skin and balance the pH. I apply it with a cotton pad. It makes my skin feel tight once it dries, so then I put on the jojoba moisturizer.

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